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Cam, Red Seal Carpenter & Instructor
Skilled Trades Careers
SkillHero Spotlight: Cam (Red Seal Carpenter & Instructor)
With a rich lineage of carpenters in his family, Cameron Frenette's journey into the trade was almost predestined. Yet, his path was anything but straightforward.March 26, 2024
what is a carpenter and what do they do
Skilled Trades Careers
What is a Carpenter and What Do They Do at Work?
Have you ever wondered what exactly a carpenter does on a day-to-day basis? Carpenters are skilled tradespeople...January 23, 2024
Skilled Trades Careers
How to Become a Carpenter in America 2024
If you’re looking for a rewarding career that allows you to work with your hands and create tangible value, becoming a carpenter might be the perfect fit for you. But how do you become a carpenter June 28, 2023
carpenter resume examples and template skills
Skilled Trades Careers
Carpenter Resume Examples, Template, and Top Skills 2024
If you’re hunting for a carpentry job, you need to make sure your resume stands out from the rest. But what should you include in your carpenter resume, and how can you ensure that you catch the attention of potential employers?June 26, 2023
Melvin Henley
Meet Melvin Henley of PAC Leaders
Melvin Henley's success story growing as a carpenter and creating PAC leaders that keep giving and changing the world.April 14, 2023
Skilled Trades Careers
Mastering the Essential Skills for Success in Carpentry
Carpentry is a skilled trade requiring diverse abilities, ranging from technical know-how and problem-solving skills to physical strength and hand-eye coordination.March 29, 2023
Skilled Trades Careers
Carpentry Tools You Need To Master In 2023
From measuring and cutting to finishing and detailing, carpentry requires a diverse range of tools. Stay ahead of the game with our expert guide to mastering carpentry tools in 2023.March 28, 2023
finish carpenter
Skilled Trades Careers
Four In-Demand Carpentry Jobs to Consider in 2023
Carpentry offers diverse roles: Cabinetmakers build custom storage, Finish Carpenters refine construction details, Frame Carpenters erect structures, while Renovation Specialists modernize existing buildings.March 28, 2023