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How to Create a Construction Laborer Resume (With Samples)

DateMay 7, 2024
how to create a construction laborer resume samples and examples

A great resume is crucial for a successful career in the construction industry. If you're looking to get started as a construction laborer, your resume will be your first point of contact with potential future employers.

The free SkillHero app includes a resume builder which makes it easy to apply for jobs on the platform, or export the document as a PDF to use elsewhere. The app includes many other resources and tools for anyone working in the skilled trades, or looking to get started.

You can claim your free SkillHero account here, and then finish reading this article to learn exactly how to optimize your construction laborer resume to catch an ideal employer's attention.

How to write a construction laborer resume

A great resume is fundamentally just the clear and concise communication of your relevant skills and experience. The SkillHero resume builder makes it easy to add your information and automatically formats it into a well-structured document. Execute the following instructions to create and optimize your resume on our platform.

Add career information (skills, experience, certifications)

Including your most relevant career information on your resume can help you stand out to your ideal potential employers. When you navigate to the profile section of SkillHero's app, you'll find prompts for inputting your skills, work experience, education, certifications, and a personal statement.

When adding your professional information, remember to lead with the most relevant parts. For example, if you have previous construction experience, mention it ahead of other less relevant work history. Even if it isn’t related to construction, employment in other industries demonstrates you have a history of stable employment.

Write a strong personal statement

To write an effective personal statement, focus on summarizing the unique value you can bring to the company. Avoid repeating information listed elsewhere in the resume, but feel free to reference or summarize it to add impact to the statement.

For example, instead of saying "I have 3 years of experience and two certifications", say something like "In the years I've invested in this industry, I've learned to work with teammates so that the job gets done safely and seamlessly."

Construction laborer resume examples

Now let's examine two resume examples for construction laborers with different levels of experience. These examples illustrate the different approaches and attitudes that should be conveyed in a trade resume depending on the level of experience.

Apprentice construction laborer resume sample

An aspiring construction laborer's resume should demonstrate that they can follow instructions, learn quickly, and work well in a team setting. Any relevant education, experience, or certifications can be helpful, but are typically not necessary for an apprentice position.

Apprentice-Construction-Laborer resume sample

If you have experience doing manual labor, it may be worth mentioning even if it wasn't in the construction industry. Construction labor is tough, heavy work which not everyone can endure. If you have a history of doing grueling physical labor, employers will know that you'll be more likely to become a long-term employee.

Advanced construction laborer resume sample

When you're looking to advance your career in construction, it's important to highlight relevant experience and potential for growth. Emphasize your expertise and your experience on successful projects, and demonstrate your commitment to excellence in the industry.

Advanced laborers may take up leadership or management roles on construction sites, or consider adding a new skill set such as carpentry. There are lots of options to consider based on your interests, location, and goals, but you can always start by browsing SkillHero's database of opportunities.

Advanced-Construction-Laborer-Calvin Thomas resume sample

Remember to tailor your resume to the specific type of job you're applying for, with your most relevant skills and experience front and center. This will help get you an interview, which will allow you to express the potential value you can bring to the company.

Choosing your most relevant trade skills

Employers are usually looking for specific qualifications when hiring new workers, and you can tailor your resume to align with their unique requirements by studying the job listing and the business itself. Including a concise list of key trade skills goes a long way, and SkillHero's resume builder includes a skill picker tool which will help you match the employer's intent.

Construction laborer skills

Construction laborers use a variety of skills that contribute to their effectiveness on the job. These include common skills like teamwork, following safety protocols, and using hand tools, as well as more job-specific skills such as trench digging and power tool operation.

For beginners, being able to follow instructions and learn quickly is critical. If any worker can't be a team player and communicate effectively, construction sites become inherently more dangerous for everyone. For more advanced laborers, leadership, initiative, and problem-solving skills become more important, along with more advanced and specialized work.

Look at the job listing and the company's description, and use any significant keywords you find in SkillHero's skill picker. This allows our database to suggest skills that are similar to the keywords and relevant to the job.

Soft skills for trade workers

Effective communication is crucial for coordinating tasks with team members and ensuring the successful completion of projects. Construction laborers need to be able to repeat and understand instructions and safety protocols in order to prevent accidents on the job site.

Problem-solving skills are another important soft skill for construction laborers. Being able to think critically and find solutions to any issues or obstacles that arise is extremely valuable to employers.

Attention to detail is vital for construction laborers. They need to be able to follow instructions precisely and ensure that work is done accurately and to the highest standard. Paying close attention to details helps prevent mistakes, creating a safer and more efficient workplace.

Tips and tricks for a great resume

Let's look at a few valuable tips and tricks that can help your resume stand out from the competition. Take the time to implement these, and remember to go over your resume every few months to do any maintenance or updates.

how to create a skilled trades resume

Use career-focused keywords

Using keywords that focus on your career path on your resume will help it catch the attention of both employers and the software they sometimes use to skim through resumes. There are a number of ways to implement keywords, which can also be used in your cover letter if you submit one.

For example, when describing your professional experience, emphasize specific achievements and jobs that demonstrate your ability to finish projects on time while exceeding expectations.

In the education section, mention any coursework, certifications, or training that align with the desired keywords. Certifications based around safety regulations, power tools, and specific work environments can demonstrate a track record of prioritizing excellence.

Remember, your resume is the core of your job application, and the job titles you've had in the past aren't always as important as the overall picture you create of yourself.

Use power words and verbs

Power words and verbs add impact, energy, and enthusiasm to your writing, making it more compelling and memorable. Effective use of power words can potentially make a big difference in your job search.

When describing work experience, use action words that show your specialized skills. Instead of simply stating that you were a team manager, use powerful verbs like "led," "supervised," or "operated" to convey your ability to take charge and deliver results while observing safety compliance.

By incorporating strong action verbs and other powerful language, anyone with a basic understanding of English can make their writing more impactful and evocative. And when your words are framed by SkillHero's auto-generated resume template, you can increase your chances of getting invited to an interview.

Communicate your unique value

While it's easy to highlight your skills and experience completing various construction tasks, you can go a step further by clearly communicating the unique value you present as an employee.

If your resume expresses your strong work ethic, commitment to safety compliance, and plans to continue building on your existing experience in construction, you'll become an easy choice over other applicants who may have similar skills and experience.

To start building your resume and applying for opportunities today, claim your free SkillHero account. We look forward to helping you along the way.