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How to Become a Locksmith in America in 2023

DateNovember 20, 2023
how to become a locksmith in america

Do you enjoy solving puzzles and working with your hands? You might be interested in learning how to become a locksmith. With a growing demand for security solutions, working as a locksmith offers a rewarding career path.

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What is a locksmith?

A locksmith is a skilled trade worker who specializes in providing security-related services for residential, commercial, and automotive needs. They are trained professionals who possess the knowledge and expertise to install, repair, and maintain locks, safes, and security systems.

If you're the type of person who likes detail-oriented puzzles and working with your hands, the locksmith business might be perfect for you. It's engaging work that lets you spend your way solving problems and interacting with coworkers and customers.

What do they do at work?

locksmiths specialize in providing security solutions for buildings and vehicles. Their main task is to repair, install, and maintain locks and security systems for residential, commercial, and automotive purposes.

A typical day in this trade may involve a variety of activities and projects. They might start their day by responding to client calls which could include unlocking doors, cutting new keys, or repairing damaged locks.

Throughout the day, locksmiths may also find themselves assisting clients with lockouts, providing emergency services, or working on larger projects like installing high-security locks for commercial properties.

Average salary for locksmiths

Salaries vary based on experience, location, and expertise. At the apprentice level, the average salary for locksmiths is around $30,710 per year. Journeymen earn around $47,400 per year on average, and masters can earn $72,830 or more.

Locksmith average salary SkillHero

Having the skill to work with different types of locks and security systems makes this trade uniquely valuable and necessary for anyone who wants to upgrade to advanced security or repair their existing systems.

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How to become a locksmith in the United States

Becoming a licensed locksmith is a necessary initial goal in any locksmith career. Licenses may vary from state to state, but getting one is a significant milestone on the path to becoming an established locksmith.

Note: Because of the privileged nature of the work, locksmiths are generally required to not have any serious criminal history. Employment opportunities are likely to require a clean criminal background check before considering potential candidates.

Get a high school diploma or equivalent credential

Having a high school education or something equivalent is crucial for most skilled trades. Whether you're pursuing a career in skilled trades like locksmithing or any other field, a diploma serves as evidence that you meet the minimum educational requirements.

You can obtain a high school diploma or a GED through local educational institutions or in some cases via online courses and tests. If you're currently in high school, taking classes that teach manual skills may be helpful.

Build a skilled trade resume

A skilled trade resume is crucial for success in the locksmithing industry. It serves as a vital tool to showcase your skills, experiences, and qualifications to potential employers.

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Find an apprenticeship

Apprenticeships play a crucial role in the skilled trades industry, providing individuals with valuable hands-on experience and training. A typical apprenticeship in this trade lasts 36 months.

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Expand education and certifications

Continuing to work on your education and certifications is crucial in the locksmithing industry. Staying updated with new security systems and locks is essential to meet the evolving needs of the market.

ALOA (Associated Locksmiths of America) offers certifications such as Certified Registered Locksmith (CRL) and Certified Automotive Locksmith (CAL). These certifications validate your expertise and open doors to new career opportunities.

Attending seminars, industry events, and training programs provided by lock manufacturers, trade associations, and schools offers numerous benefits. These events provide invaluable networking opportunities, exposure to the latest advancements in the field, and a chance to learn from industry experts.

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Who should become a locksmith

This career requires a unique set of qualities and skills. You must possess excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail. Being patient and having good manual proficiency and the muscular endurance to manipulate intricate locking mechanisms is also very helpful.

Effective communication and customer service skills are also vital, for interacting with coworkers and clients in potentially stressful situations. You also need the ability to adapt and learn to stay up-to-date with advancements in the technology of security systems.

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