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How to Become a Roofer in America in 2024

DateDecember 28, 2023
how to become a roofer in america

Are you interested in a hands-on and physically demanding career? Then you might want to learn how to become a roofer. While roofing is uniquely physically demanding, it's also lucrative and enjoys extremely high job security.

The roofing industry is experiencing steady growth, and with the increasing demand for experienced roofers, it can be a lucrative and rewarding career choice.

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What is a roofer and what do they do at work?

Roofers are skilled trade professionals who work on new roof installations, and provide repairs and maintenance for all types of roofing.

Their work includes installing shingles, tiles, metal roofing and other materials, and repairing any damage to existing roofs. Becoming a successful roofer is definitely challenging, but once established you can expect your roofing career to grow and thrive with the industry.

What is the average salary for roofers?

The average salary for roofers varies depending on their skill level and other factors. Apprentices typically earn around $31,470 per year, journeyman roofers can earn around $47,920 annually, and master roofers with years of experience and expertise can earn up to $75,930 or more.

Roofer average salary SkillHero

Location also plays a significant role in a roofer's salary, with wages being higher in metropolitan areas compared to rural areas. Trade path is another influencing factor, as roofers who specialize in high-demand areas such as solar panel installation or green roofing may enjoy higher salaries.

How hard is it to become a roofer?

Becoming a roofer can be physically demanding and challenging. The job requires working at heights, being exposed to weather elements, and heavy lifting. Roofers need to have manual dexterity, physical strength, and specific skills to succeed in the profession.

Some common obstacles and risks include falls from heights, exposure to extreme weather conditions, and the possibility of injury from heavy equipment and materials. However, strategies such as using proper safety equipment, taking regular breaks, and staying hydrated can help roofers stay safe on the job.

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How to become a roofer in the United States

With a high annual wage to match above-average difficulty and danger, roofing jobs are always available to those who possess the skill and fortitude to do them. Here's a step-by-step guide to matching the basic requirements for roofers so you can launch a career in this high-demand trade.

Get a high school diploma

Obtaining a high school diploma is a vital first step in pursuing a career in roofing. It provides the foundational skills and knowledge necessary for success in this trade.

A high school diploma demonstrates a candidate's commitment, reliability, and ability to learn and follow instructions, all crucial qualities in the roofing industry. Without this basic educational requirement, it can be challenging to secure employment or advance in the field.

If a high school diploma is not attainable, a GED (General Education Development) is an acceptable alternative. A GED is equivalent to a high school diploma and can provide the necessary credentials to pursue a career in roofing.

Create a skilled trade resume

In the world of skilled trades, a resume is a crucial tool for showcasing experience, certifications, and specific skills. Whether you're an experienced professional or just starting out, a well-crafted resume can make all the difference in landing the right opportunity.

SkillHero offers a resume builder specifically designed for skilled trade workers, providing access to a database of industry-specific skills vetted by experts. Our platform empowers users to highlight their expertise with specialized tools and demonstrate their ability to excel in their trade.

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Find an apprenticeship program

Roofing is a skilled trade that requires hands-on experience and training. Apprenticeships are crucial for aspiring tradespeople to gain practical skills and a deep understanding of the industry.

SkillHero's ApprenticeConnect feature connects aspiring roofers with roofing companies offering apprenticeship opportunities, allowing them to learn from experienced professionals and acquire valuable certifications and licenses.

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Network within the industry

Networking is vital in the roofing industry, as it allows professionals to connect, exchange knowledge, and discover new opportunities. SkillHero provides a platform for trades workers to network with other industry professionals, find training resources, and access job opportunities.

You can also network through industry events, such as conferences and trade shows, where you'll meet and build relationships with other professionals. Utilizing social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, can further expand your network and provide access to industry news and discussions.

Joining industry associations can also provide valuable networking opportunities. These associations often host events and meetings that allow roofers to connect with other professionals and stay up-to-date on industry trends and news.

Obtain and update relevant certifications

Obtaining and updating relevant certifications is crucial for roofers to ensure they meet certification requirements, state guidelines, and compliance with regulations. Not only does it demonstrate a commitment to professionalism and quality work, but it also opens up more opportunities for job assignments and higher pay.

Common important certifications include the OSHA 10-Hour Construction Safety Training, EPA Lead-Safe Certification, and GAF Master Elite Certification. These certifications are relevant as they provide crucial knowledge and skills in safety, environmental protection, and product expertise.

They also signal to potential clients and employers that you are knowledgeable and committed to quality work. Ongoing training programs and credential maintenance are necessary to stay current with industry standards, technology, and best practices.

With the ever-evolving nature of the roofing industry, staying up to date with relevant certifications is paramount for success. Stay ahead in your trade by signing up for a free SkillHero account.

Who should become a roofer?

A successful roofer needs to possess physical strength, practical experience, and manual dexterity. They should also be unafraid of heights and have strong problem-solving skills.

Roofing is a physically demanding job, requiring the ability to lift heavy materials, work in various weather conditions, and be comfortable working at heights. Practical experience is essential, as the job often involves problem-solving and on-the-spot decision making.

Roofers must also have the ability to work well with their hands and be detail-oriented to ensure the proper installation of roofing materials.

These qualities, experiences, and personality traits are necessary for success in the roofing profession. If you are interested in pursuing a career as a roofer or looking for opportunities and resources in the trade industry, sign up for a free SkillHero account now.