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Plumber Apprenticeships: Pathway to a Rewarding Career

DateSeptember 7, 2023
plumber apprenticeships

Looking for a rewarding career that offers stability and growth opportunities? Consider plumbing! Plumber apprenticeships provide a pathway to gaining the skills and experience needed to thrive in this in-demand profession.

Plumbers play a crucial role in society, ensuring that our homes and businesses have access to clean water and functioning wastewater systems. If you have a knack for problem-solving, enjoy working with your hands, and value job security, plumbing may be the perfect career for you.

What is a plumber apprenticeship?

A plumber apprenticeship is a hands-on training program that provides aspiring plumbers with the necessary skills and knowledge to work in the plumbing industry. It typically involves a combination of classroom instruction and on-the-job training, where apprentices work under the guidance of experienced plumbers.

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How much do apprentice plumbers make?

Apprentice plumbers can earn a competitive salary while gaining valuable on-the-job training. The salary range for apprentice plumbers varies depending on location, experience, and the specific program.

On average, apprentice plumbers can expect to earn a starting hourly rate around $20 per hour. But as apprentices progress and gain more skills, their wages can increase. Here's a look at the expected earnings of most plumbers:

Plumber salaries America SkillHero

In addition to the hourly rate, most apprentice plumbers can receive benefits such as health insurance, pension plans, and profit sharing. These additional benefits can add significant value to the overall compensation package.

By investing in training and providing competitive compensation, these programs attract motivated individuals who are eager to learn and grow in the plumbing industry.

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Why are apprenticeships important for plumbers?

Apprentice-level training is crucial for aspiring plumbers looking to build a successful career in the trade. These programs offer a unique blend of hands-on training and comprehensive education, providing plumbers with the skills and knowledge required to excel in the field.

Through apprenticeships, plumbers gain practical experience working on real plumbing systems, learning how to install, repair, and maintain pipes and appliances according to plumbing codes. This hands-on training is as invaluable as a high school diploma for most trade workers.

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Where to find plumber apprenticeships

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Opportunities can also be found through trade schools, plumbing companies, and labor unions, but only the SkillHero app gives you easy access to programs from multiple locations and share your resume with one click.

How to evaluate apprentice program opportunities

When evaluating apprenticeship opportunities, there are several factors to consider to ensure that you make an informed decision.

You should assess the structure and formality of the apprenticeship program. Look for programs that have a clear outline of the training curriculum and a well-defined set of goals and expectations.


Consider the potential earnings and benefits offered by the program. Evaluate whether the wages are competitive and if there are opportunities for growth and advancement within the company or industry.

It is also important to research the licensing requirements for becoming a professional plumber, as some apprenticeships may offer additional support or resources to help you obtain your license.

Benefits of apprenticeships

Apprentice training offers numerous advantages for individuals pursuing a career in plumbing. Here are some key benefits of apprentice training for plumbers:

  • On-the-Job Training: Apprenticeships allow aspiring plumbers to gain practical, hands-on experience in real-world plumbing scenarios. Working alongside experienced professionals, apprentices learn valuable skills and techniques that cannot be taught in a classroom setting.
  • Pay Increases: As apprentices progress in their training, they often receive incremental pay increases. This means that as they improve their skills and knowledge, they are also financially rewarded, making apprenticeships a financially viable option for those entering the field.
  • Journeyman Status: Successful completion of an apprenticeship program allows plumbers to attain journeyman status. This milestone represents a significant achievement in their career, as it grants them the ability to work independently and take on more complex plumbing projects.
  • Structured Training: Apprenticeships provide a structured and well-defined training program, ensuring that individuals receive comprehensive instruction in all aspects of plumbing. This structured approach helps apprentices develop a strong foundation of skills and knowledge that will serve them throughout their careers.
  • Career Advancement: Apprenticeships open doors to numerous career advancement opportunities. Plumbers who have completed apprenticeships are better positioned to pursue specialized areas within the plumbing industry, such as becoming master plumbers or starting their own plumbing businesses.

By offering an ideal blend of practical experience and theoretical knowledge, apprentice training equips aspiring plumbers with the skills they need to succeed in their chosen occupation.

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