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5 Technological Skilled Trades For Tech Enthusiasts

DateFebruary 3, 2024
technological skilled trades for tech enthusiasts

Are you a tech enthusiast looking for a rewarding career path? Today's skilled trades are more technological than ever, offering exciting opportunities to contribute to key company processes. As the demand for skilled trade workers continues to grow, there's no better time to explore these high-tech career options.

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What is a technological skilled trade?

A technological skilled trade refers to a profession that requires specialized knowledge and training in a particular technology or technical skill. These trades often involve working with machinery, computers, electronics, and other high-tech equipment.

They can include fields such as IT and cybersecurity, electrical and electronic engineering, robotics, and computer programming.

What are the benefits of working with technology in the trades?

Incorporating technology into skilled trade jobs offers numerous benefits, including increased efficiency, safety improvements, and the ability to take on more complex tasks. By leveraging technology, workers can enhance the quality of their work, streamline processes, and open up new opportunities.

For example, using advanced tools and equipment can lead to higher job satisfaction, better job prospects, and the potential for career advancement. Through the integration of technology, skilled trade workers can work smarter, not harder, while also improving overall job performance.

5 tech-based skilled trades to explore

Silicon valley programming careers aren't the only option offered by the tech industry. Take a look at these five tech-based skilled trades to consider as you navigate your career path, and sign up for a free SkillHero account to access valuable resources and training in these fields.

CNC Programmer

A CNC Programmer is responsible for writing code to control advanced machinery that creates precision parts and components.

They must have a strong understanding of software and be able to interpret technical drawings and specifications. A high level of attention to detail and problem-solving skills are crucial for troubleshooting and testing programs to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

cnc programmer code

Typical tasks for CNC Programmers include analyzing blueprints and technical drawings, writing and testing code to automate machinery, and maintaining and updating programming as needed. They may be required to collaborate with engineers and machine operators to ensure requirements are met and to make adjustments as necessary.

Consider becoming a CNC Programmer if you want to play a vital role in the manufacturing process with in-demand expertise.

Electronics Technician

An electronics technician is responsible for operating and maintaining electronic equipment, troubleshooting issues, and making necessary repairs. They are also involved in testing and inspecting electronic components, as well as assembling and calibrating equipment.

electronics technician skilled trade

To pursue a career as an electronics technician, specialized skills in electrical systems, circuitry, and troubleshooting are essential, along with a strong understanding of electronic principles and equipment.

Training through vocational schools, community colleges, or apprenticeships can provide the necessary education and hands-on experience for this role.

Quality Assurance Technician

A Quality Assurance Technician plays a crucial role in a manufacturing environment by ensuring the quality and efficiency of the production process.

Their responsibilities include inspecting and assessing the functionality of production machines, troubleshooting mechanical breakdowns, and ensuring continuity of inventory management systems.

quality assurance technician skilled trade

This role is essential for maintaining the overall quality of the products, as well as the seamless functioning of the production line. By actively monitoring and addressing any issues that may arise, Quality Assurance Technicians contribute to the consistency and reliability of the manufacturing process.

Their attention to detail and ability to identify and address potential problems are critical to ensuring that products meet quality standards and that production runs smoothly. Becoming a quality assurance technician makes you an integral part of the manufacturing industry.

Robotics Technician

Robotics technicians play a crucial role in operating and maintaining robotic equipment in manufacturing and industrial facilities.

Their responsibilities include troubleshooting and repairing robotic systems, programming and configuring equipment, and ensuring that production runs smoothly.

robotics technician skilled trade

They may also be involved in training and teaching others in the field, sharing their expertise in robotics technology and equipment maintenance.

To excel in this position, robotics technicians need a strong understanding of robotics technology, electrical and mechanical systems, and computer programming. Good problem-solving skills and attention to detail are also essential.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Technician

Semiconductor manufacturing technicians are responsible for operating and maintaining manufacturing equipment, conducting inspections and tests of finished products, and potentially training other technicians. They must have strong technical and problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

Educational requirements for this position typically include a certificate or associate degree in a related field, such as electronics or engineering technology.

Semiconductor manufacturing technicians play a vital role in the production of semiconductors, which are crucial components in electronic devices. Their expertise is highly sought after in industries such as electronics, telecommunications, and automotive.

Which trades have a future in technology?

As technology continues to rapidly advance, the integration of technology into various trades has become inevitable. Trades such as electricians, HVAC technicians, plumbers, and construction workers are increasingly relying on technology to streamline their processes and improve efficiency.

With the rise of smart homes and green energy initiatives, the demand for skilled trade workers who are adept at integrating technology into their work is on the rise. As a result, trades with a future in technology are those that are adaptable and embrace technological advancements to stay ahead in the industry.

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