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Back to School with SkillHero

DateSeptember 1, 2023
Back to School

Back to School, Thinking of the Future

As students begin returning to School across the country, many will now have access to SkillHero when considering what to do after graduation.

It’s been a busy summer here at SkillHero helping our middle school and high school partners prepare for the return of students this fall. Many K-12 schools, from Illinois to Texas, have chosen to partner with SkillHero and offer our software as a valuable resource for students completely free of charge.

Quincy Nadel and Travis Mackey

SkillHero - A Resource for Students All Year

While any individual can join SkilHero and become a member at any time, schools who chose to partner with us gain access to a broad range of capabilities designed to provide additional support to their student population, such as personalized onboarding, complete school profile page featured on the network, public and private messaging capability, support with work-based learning opportunities and more. Schools are choosing to enroll their students on SkillHero to ensure that all students have an opportunity to achieve success post graduation, not just those students on the path to a four year degree.

Taylor Brose & Jay Barrett

We’re excited to see students on SkillHero building profiles, using the Career Explorer to learn and then connecting with employers to unlock apprenticeship opportunities.

Schools can partner with SkillHero at any time throughout the year to enroll students and take advantage of the software we’re building to connect students with career education, community and opportunity. If you’re interested, please email Taylor Brose at, or our contact page.