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SkillHero Releases TradeWorld: EXCELLENT!

DateDecember 11, 2023

TradeWorld - The Definitive Directory of the Skilled Trades

When we started SkillHero, one of our missions was to connect aspiring tradespeople to the large and vibrant ecosystem supporting the trades journey. We set out to make a directory that was both comprehensive and easily searchable. Today we're announcing the release of TradeWorld - GAME ON!

SkillHero TradeWorld - Listing

What's in TradeWorld?

We have over 5,000 entries and growing every day. The types of organizations you can find include:

  1. Industry Associations
  2. National and Regional Workforce Development
  3. Federal, State, and Local public sector resources
  4. Trade Unions
  5. Skilled Trade Employers
  6. Trade Education and Training Providers

For each profile, we show Jobs, Training and Apprenticeships listed on our Opportunities board as well as trade Certifications offered.

TradeWorld - Map

How can I search TradeWorld?

Lots of ways, and this is why we think it is the most excellent resource that exists in the vast expanse of the Internet. (Really.)

  1. By Organization Type
  2. By Organization Name
  3. By Trade
  4. By Location (& Location Radius)
  5. By Industry

Come to TradeWorld and check it out. If you want more access to the SkillHero, sign up for a free account.